Virgin Wines

About Virgin Wines

Founded in 2000, Virgin Wines prides itself on their buying teams ability to review over 100,000 customer wine reviews on their range and then source the range of wines from their trusted winemakers to please their customers. In recent years, the wine club has expanded to offer beers and spirits.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Virgin Wines also offer a range of Low and no alcohol (alcohol free) wines for those who want to avoid alcohol.

So how does it work?

Virgin Wines offers 5 unique clubs to join. These are:

  1. justREDS - You will receive to enjoy the finest red wines selected by Matthew Jukes.

  2. Discovery Wine Club - Each quarter, a case of 12 bottles of wine delivered to your door. In addition, you receive 15% off any featured wine for a whole year.

  3. WineBank - Not sure which wines to choose and don't want to commit to a case picked by someone else? They this option might be you. For every £5 you save, Virgin Wines adds another £1 to give you £6 to spend on wines. You control how and when you spend your balance.

  4. Pay as you Go (PAYG) - Choose from Virgin Wines specifically selected cases or create your own.

  5. Wine Advisor - A free personal service which is there for when you need some advice. They'll learn your taste and be able to recommend wines to you without you needing to scan the whole range of wines they have.

What if I don't like the wine?

Should you not like a wine, or it's corked or damaged, they'll add a credit for the price paid to your account for you to put towards another order. If you have bought a case of the same wine, don't open them, they'll come and collect them and credit your account in full.

What do we think?

In our view, Virgin Wines offer the most flexibility of the Wine Clubs to join. This is because you can choose to let them pick the wines, pack them in a case and send them to you. Alternatively, when you are notified that you have a case on the way, you can check to see what will be in the case and make amendments. Those amendments can be from a bottle to the whole case, you have complete control.

Any tips we can give you?

  • Don't rush in and buy a case full of the same bottle of wine.

  • Explore the different grapes.

  • Don't write off a grape because of one bottle.

  • Keep a record of the wines, including their year, you have tried and liked/not liked.

Any wines we'd recommend?

If you like a Pinot Grigio, try the "Araldica d'Aria Pinot Grigio Rose 2020". Produced by Claudio Manera, we give this range 10 out of 10. Although a Rose, it is perfect to drink the garden on a warm day. This wine won't be around for long and if you get a bottle of two, it is best drunk before the end of 2023.