About Laithwaites

Established in 1969 after Tony Laithwaite went to Bordeaux, Laithwaites set out to make friendships with the growers to be able to support and serve the wine lovers. Through working with the people making the wine and keeping things simple, the savings are passed directly on to those people drinking the wine.

So how does it work?

To keep it simple, there are a number of subscriptions to pick from depending upon your taste in wine. As a result of signing up, Laithwaites will then automatically send you a case every 12 weeks (unless you amend it). 

In addition to your subscription, you can also add a membership. There are two main options which are:

What if I don't like the wine?

There is a 100% money back guarantee on the bottles you order. Should you not like a wine, or it's corked or damaged, they'll add a credit for the price paid to your account for you to put towards another order.

What do we think?

In our view, this is perfect if you don't have any time to review and research wines. Laithwaites have spend years working with vineyards to build relationships to bring us the perfect wine. The only thing you need to focus on is ensuring that manage the frequency of the deliveries to your own liking and providing you manage your preferences on grapes and regions, you'll soon create the perfect wine delivery arriving on your doorstep. 

Any tips we can give you?

Any wines we'd recommend?

"Il Papavero Pinot Grigio 2021" or "Il Papavero Pinot Grigio 2022" from Scipinoe Giuliani. While Scipinoe Giuliani does not grow his own grapes, he travels throughout Italy to find the best parcels of grapes to blend together to make his fine wine. 

Interesting Term & Condition

We noticed in Laithwaite's terms and conditions that you can not resell the wines you purchased from them. The wines purchased are for your own personal consumption, not commercial purposes. They also note that the wine can not be gifted which is interesting. Sorry mum, I need that case of wine I ordered for your birthday.... the rules say I need to drink it myself! Oh well.