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The wine club experience

Here at The Best Wine Club, we have to say, we just love a good bottle of wine. With so many different bottles to pick from in the supermarkets and from so many different countries, how do you navigate yourself to a great bottle?

Of the years, wine clubs have become the answer to the majority of us that don't have time to research the wines on offer or which vineyard they have come from. Instead, we join a wine club and let them do the hard work, while we sit back and relax with a great bottle of wine. 

Many of the wine clubs work with some exclusive vineyards around the world to bring us the best wines. In some cases, that might be where the Wine Club works closely with the vineyard to help them financially to get started. In the case of Naked Wines, some members pre-pay for their wine which allows Naked wines to support the vineyard before the wine is ready. These members are referred to as "Angels" and in return, they can purchase wines at a discounted rate.

So we are here to give wine clubs a try and let you know our thoughts after we have.